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Jackie Williams

Jacqueline Williams is an award winning artist residing in Medina, Ohio.   She specializes in illustration and illuminated manuscript art.  Her art has been used in conventions and is published in a number of books including Brad Steiger's, "Real Zombies", Michelle Belanger's, "Dictionary of Demons", Lon Milo DuQuette's, “Low Magic”, Christopher Penczak's, “The Witches Heart” and others. Her latest project is the Watcher Angel Tarot deck with author Michelle Belanger, available now in the Store section!

Jackie is also an energy worker and natural spirit medium, able to clearly see and communicate with spirits and often drawing those she comes into contact with. She is also a member of House Kheperu in the Priest caste and teaches classes on energy work, spirit communication, art and energy, and performs energy body readings and cleansings.

Check out Jackie's LiveJournal space or Blog on this website to hear more about her life and get updates on the release of the Tarot deck!


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